Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something New

This is in regards to the idea that all of the words that were used in Jesus ministry such as; gospel, faith, throne, Lord, Kingdom, Savior, banner, Messiah were all used to define something according to Rome's powers and Caesars that ruled in that era. When Jesus came and used the same words, it was heretical to the government of the time.

Shane states "He didn't want to climb Caesar's throne. This political language doesn't harmonize with the contemporary church project of "reclaiming America for God." Precisely the opposite: Jesus was urging his followers to be the unique, peculiar, and set apart people that began w/ Abraham. He didn't pray for the world in order to make gov'ts more religious: he called Israel to be the light of the world-- to abandon the way of the world and cultivate an alternative society in the shell of the old, not merely to be a better version of the kingdom of this world."
Jesus for President pg 71.

what do you think?

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